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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

- Lao Tzu

Are you ready to take the first step towards better health?

  • Maybe you have just come from the doctors' office and been given some news that somehow your body is failing you. There are some medications that you could take and the doctor has written the prescription but you worry about the side effects. 

  • Or maybe the doctor has told you that you need to exercise and eat better but has given you little else to go on. 

  • Or you already found a Functional Medicine doctor and they have run the tests, given you the diagnosis and now you just need some help implementing the changes in your diet and lifestyle that they are recommending.  

  • Or, you have come to the realization on your own, that you just want to feel better and despite your past efforts, haven't achieved your goals.

  • Or you are too busy to focus on your health.  You don't even have the energy to exercise even if you wanted to and who has time to cook?

  • Or maybe you just don't feel like doing the things that deep down, you know are "good "for you.

As Your Health Coach

As Your Health Coach...

I am here to walk down the path with you even if you don't feel like walking yet :)

  • You set the pace

  • You decide the direction

  • We will be exploring together in a safe, non-judgmental environment that I hope will be as exciting and profound for you as it is practical

  • There will be, goal setting, accountability and lots of nurturing support to help you sustain your diet and lifestyle changes

My Own Journey
Hike to feel grounded IMG_8936 (4) - Cop

My Own Healing Journey

I discovered Functional Medicine when I was given a "pre-cancer" diagnosis by my gastroenterologist several years ago. I was faced with a decision. I could listen to the surgeons' recommendation of removing part of my small intestine, which involved a major surgery that had some pretty grim risks of its own, or I could do everything in my power to figure out the cause and then the cure of this pretty rare cancer. I chose the latter. It was this decision, this deep dive into Functional Medicine, which looks at the root cause of all disease, that changed the course of my career. A yoga teacher, Thai Massage Therapist, and Energy worker for almost 20 years before the diagnosis, I was already living a pretty healthy lifestyle... so I thought. It was about to get even healthier.

I share my story with you because I know what it's like to have to give up certain foods, make rest a priority, avoid stress like the plague and above all, walk into some unknown territory. I am excited to accompany you on your healing journey.  You will learn so much along the way. And as your guide, your Sherpa, side by side, we will take this journey together.  

What is Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine is evidence-based science that is interested in finding the root cause of disease rather than just treating or managing the symptoms.  Functional Medicine treats the whole person and not just the disease.  Lifestyle and diet are equally, if not more important than your genetics as these have the power to change the expression of your genes.

"Functional Medicine is the science of creating health, and when you do that, the disease goes away as a side effect"

- Dr. Mark Hyman

Functional Medicine Health Coaching Can Help With...

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Acid Re-flux, GERD, IBS, Colitis

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Including Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer

Weight Loss
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 Anxiety, ADHD, Brain Fog, Mild Depression

And So Much More...

F.M Coaching Can Help With...

“As a coach for the past 35 years, used to eating "on the road" traveling with the team, not taking the time to cook, relying on Starbucks to get me through long practice hours, I was beginning to have reoccurring health problems. I was constantly getting sick, having problems with my stomach and most recently developed a skin condition.   Kaye gave me a referral in my state to a Functional Medicine Doctor who was able to run several tests on me to see where I was at.  Then, together we set some goals on how to make some healthier lifestyle choices that the doctor wanted me to make.  I haven't been "perfect" but I am getting healthier rather than sicker every day.  Also, I can't believe I was able to give up my excessive daily coffee consumption!"

— Mark S.

23 year Division I Collegiate Coach


Coaching Services

Coaching Services



Getting to know you

20 Minutes


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Initial Consultation

Medical history review and assessments

1 hr. 30 min.


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Coaching Sessions

Over the phone, internet or in person.


45 min.


Other Services


Private Yoga Therapy

1 hr.


Thai Massage_edited_edited.jpg

Thai Body Work

Lazy man's yoga!

2 hrs.



Your Health Starts Here!

Contact Info

Super excited to meet you! New beginnings are always so exciting!

Kaye's Contact Info:

(847) 204-2240

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